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(6-4)EPS hot melting machine



(1)This machine is used for producing eps melt block,  so it It can reduce the volume and facilitate the transport.
(2)eps melted block is going to produce Plastic processing products like Photo Frame


The machine has big output and Automatic cutting

Screw diameter: φ197 mm


Screw distance: 150 mm


Screw speed: 110 r/min


Screen hole diameter: 40mm


Extrusion center height: 326 mm


Main Motor power: 15KW


Heating power: 3 zones total 10kw


Crusher motor power: Twin screw 11sets+10sets


Crusher rotation speed: 100r/m


Cutting mode: Pneumatic Cutting


Output Capacity: 100120kg/h


Weight: 1400 Kg


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